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Greta Garbo Shawl with Nordic Lites

When I went to the Estonian Lace Knitting Class with Nancy Bush a few months ago, Nancy talked about the Greta Garbo shawl,  which is the first shawl after the cover that you see in the first edition – it was fixed in the next editions.

It didn’t make the book due to there not being enough room, so she released it on her website the Wooly West as a kit.  Of course I loved it and had to have the kit.

Nordic Lites 4-13-2009 2-24-17 PM

I ordered it first in the Fjord blue.  However, when it came I couldn’t see it in this shawl and thought the red might work better.  Poor Nancy, I emailed and called her back.  She probably thinks I’m nuts, but your know, the red works and is gorgeous for this shawl.

Of course, I have no intention of returning the blue.  The blue is gorgeous.  I’m thinking the blue would work for the Miralda shawl. I figure this is good.  I have the yarn for two shawls and I can’t wait to knit them both.

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    1. julie 14 April - 2009

      I think the red will be a perfect fit for that shawl.