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Gretel is Done

I loved this hat the first time I saw it.  Since, I’m a hat person it was just a matter of time until I knit it.  After a little break when I knit the socks for my swap pal, I got back to it and it worked up fairly fast.  It is a little tricky as the start of the row moves a bit.  However, it’s one of those great patterns that keeps you on your toes, so that you stay interested.

My Gretel

I used KnitPicks City Tweed HW in Dungarees.  I was a little worried that this yarn would be fuzzy, but it really is so soft and nice.  I think maybe with heavy wear, say with a favorite sweater, it might fuzz up a bit, but oh it would be so comfy and cozy, I probably wouldn’t mind having to de-fuzz it on occasion.  This yarn was a smidge heavier than that pattern called for so I knit the regular.  My original plan was to knit the slouchy.  I think one blocked it will be slouchy enough.  I used one ball and just a little of the second, but if you plan to do one of these with this yarn, make sure to get two balls.

I knit it using the magic loop technique with my KnitPicks Options.  I put a 40″ cable on it it worked perfect.  I have to tell you that I am going on 11 months since I’ve touched my Addi Turbo needles.  I just love the soft cable and the pointier tip.  When I put them side-by-side they don’t look much different, but my hands know the difference.

So yesterday I went to my first writer’s guild meeting.  I have a writing bug that is busy competing with my knitting bug. Anyway, it’s a local group that meets and I had a great time.  I joined up on the spot and am looking forward to meeting more people and going to the meetings.  I have to miss the next one since I’m going to Rhinebeck – I know poor thing – no need to feel bad for me.  However, I’ll be going to the November meeting and I can’t wait.  I’ll keep you posted if I ever write anything that get’s published.

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    1. melanie 26 September - 2009

      That’s a beautiful hat! I’m glad you’re going to a writer’s group – I’d go to one if I had the nerve!

    2. carrie 22 September - 2009

      I love the hat, it looks so cozy warm!

    3. julie 22 September - 2009

      I’m so glad to hear the writers group was good! I’d been wondering about how it went.