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Happy Fiber Day To Me

Well this wasn’t planned, but both sets of fibers I sent out came home today. I knew last week my recent purchases at the NH S&W fest were on their way home all processed and ready for spinning. Spinderella’s out did herself again. Everything looks wonderful and a what a fast processing and shipping time.

fleece stash 6-3-2008 6-49-18 PM

There was a note on the oatmeal BFL that is on the ground in front that she sent it through the pin drafter because the staple was so long. It looks so totally yummy. I can so see this as a natural spun sweater – maybe one of those Lisa Lloyd lovelies from her new book. All and all these fleeces turned out really gorgeous. Really if you need a place to send your rovings, don’t hesitate to send them to Spinderella’s. They do a fabulous job.

fleece stash 2 6-3-2008 6-51-55 PM

Earlier this spring you may remember I picked up a gorgeous Coopworth at a little local festival. Well I took that over to the mill in my backyard and I wasn’t disappointed. The Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill also did a fantastic job. You can’t really tell from this photo as they look similar, but I asked them to run the light and dark separately and they did just as I asked and it turned out beautiful.

I’m so happy and pleased with all my rovings. Now I just can’t wait to spin.

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    1. Laurie 04 June - 2008

      I do love Spinderella, also. I saw your order on her website progress list and chuckled.

    2. Julie 04 June - 2008

      It looks like Christmas! Mine is scheduled to arrive on Friday, I can’t wait to see.