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Happy Fleece Day!

The fleeces have arrived!  They are just as gorgeous this year, but as you can see I cut back.  Only two this year… the little white one is Lucy – a BFL that is just 1.9 pounds.  The grayer – and she is more gray than brown this year is 3.5 pounds.  That is Dora, a BFL-X and I think she is beginning to darken with age.  She was more a caramel color last year.  I’ll have to ask her shepherdess if this is true.  Still a lovely gray with brown undertones though and I can see her as a lovely cabled cardigan.  So I guess it’s true – Fall is just around the corner now.

2011 Fleeces - Lucy and Dora2011 Fleeces - Lucy and Dora


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    1. Julie 01 September - 2011

      I’m jealous. Tracking says mine won’t arrive til tomorrow. *sigh*