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Happy Fleece Day

Sorry for the delay… DH and I went to Chicago for the weekend and by the time I got back I fell under the weather.  I’m starting to fell better again and to top off a nice morning, I arrived home and found the fleeces… here a day early.  Yippee!!!

Happy Fleece Day July 15 2010

Of course the wool kitties love the new additions. Everything looks lovely this year.  Julie and I had one big fleece split and blended half with Angora and half with Alpaca… then we split those.  Those combos turned out lovely.

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    1. julie 16 July - 2010

      I’m still waiting here. Mine are on the truck for delivery so should be here in a few hours. I can’t wait!

    2. Bubblesknits 15 July - 2010

      ::goggles at the amount of fiber in that picture:: LOL