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Happy Holidays

Howdy!  I hope you’re all having a great holiday season.  I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger.  Let me catch you all up to speed.  Faygo kitty is doing well.  He’s back to killing his toy mice.  I think he’s actually gaining weight too.  No doubt, since I’ve been chasing him around feeding him every chance I get.  This isn’t hard to do since I’m free as a bird during the days.  I was laid-off from my part-time job a couple of weeks ago.  While I miss my friends that I worked with, let’s say just are some things I just don’t miss… like the drive (esp this is shaping up to be a bad winter)… amongst other things.  DH asked me how I like being off and my reply was “I could get used to this.”  Oh and believe me I could…if it’s possible I seem to be even busier, but actually getting things done.

So we had a really nice Christmas around here.  I was completely spoiled.  DH loves to indulge my hobbies and he’s jumped on bored with my fountain pen obsession.  Here are my three new pens… top to bottom – the Cartier Roadster (fine nib), the sterling silver Sailor (medium-fine nib), The Pelikan M805 (extra-fine nib).  The 805 is very interesting.  the Sailor writes the smoothest, and the Cartier feels the most luxurious with the lapis lazuli crystal on the top.

Foutain Pens 2009 Christmas

He also made sure I supplied with lots of lovely stationery.  I can’t wait to write more letters.

Christmas 2009 Stationery

Finally I got this beautiful rosewood pen box.


I know, I know… completely spoiled.  So I’m hoping with my new found free time to be blogging more and have lots more projects completed to put on here.  Yipee!

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    1. Lou 29 January - 2010

      What a lovely box!

    2. julie 28 December - 2009

      Woo, nice loot!