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Happy New Year!

Long time no blog… I know, I know… I keep starting a blog post and then it doesn’t get done. It’s easy with social media today to just let this platform go, but I have missed it. But where to start? Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months…and then years fly by…Sound familiar? So here we are the first of a New Year and I’m ready to get back to it and I thought the best way is putting out my word of the year – Process.

Life is not all about getting things done. While I enjoy finished projects, what I really enjoy is the process. I hate this hurry up and get things done aspect that has become my life and this year I want to focus on living mindfulness and practicing the process. I mean that in every area of my life, so you may see a smorgasbord of activities on here.

I decided to start a new wool project New Years Day. Ever since I saw Sweet Summer in Bonnie Sullivan’s new book A Change of Seasons I knew I had to make it. All of this is from my wool stash, so it doesn’t match exactly to her colors, but hey I’m using stash. Yeah!

I’m so enjoying the slow stitching part of it and have even started to add some embellishments – with my favorite French knots.So here’s to wrapping this up and getting back to slow stitching. Until next time. Happy Stitching!

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