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Hazardous to Your Health

So I’m definitely on the bandwagon of sharper needles please and have purchased some of the KP’s DPN, where they’ve resided in my GoKnit pouch with my current MIL sock in progress, who knew I would stab myself with them.

I slid into the booth at our local family diner tonight and must’ve did something just right because they popped out of the bag on the side here

hole in bag 9-15-2007 5-12-41 PM

and stabbed me here.

knitting mishaps 9-15-2007 5-13-02 PM

One size 3 US right in the finger. Monsieur Purl was worried and said I may have severed a tendon, but really it was just a flesh wound puncture and since I had my tentous shot in the last 3 years and it didn’t bleed badly, we went on with dinner and headed home. It hasn’t stopped my knitting and spinning – at least for now. I’m going to have to find a patch for that bag.

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    1. Jackie 17 September - 2007

      Agreed on the Ouch! Did it get you any sympathy brownies?

    2. Julie 16 September - 2007

      The sacrifices we make for our knitting 😉 Hope it heals fast!

    3. Jennifer 16 September - 2007