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Healthy as a Kitten

For Whisker’s on Wednesday we have our latest Faygo fiasco.


This poor gentleman is about 18 years old.  I say about because when I adopted him they told me he was 2.  The vet said more like 8 and he’s lived with me at least 10 years.  About 6 years ago, he bacame a an insulin dependant diabetic.  Well, that meant two a day shots for the last 6 years and he did well.  The problem happened about 2 weeks ago.  We found him in diabetic shock.  I got him stable with Karo syrup laced tuna.  After this event, I popped him right by the vet, where a series of pokings and proddings happened.  The verdict?  He’s a healthy as a kitten.  All his organs are working great and the pancreas has decided to start working as well.  Now he does have diminished site and a bit of arthritis, but really he’s healthy.


I’ve been checking him the past two weeks with an blood sugar meter and only one time has he had to have a 1/2 dose of insulin.  Other than that his blood sugar has been spot on.  Talk about an amazing kitty.

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    1. Julie 26 March - 2009

      We’re going to have to start calling him superkitty! Way to go Faygo!