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I’m Back!

Wow! I had a great weekend.  Julie came to visit last Wednesday and it was a total whirlwind like most of our visits.  It started off with breakfast, then a trip to the embroidery shop (I eyeballed some threads for my elephant project, once I clear off some of the other), then the quilt shop (where I could fall into the black hole of quilting -in a good way- it was a gorgeous shop), then The Fold.  No visit is complete without a trip to The Fold.

Thursday it rained and rained, but it was the perfect day to sit and spin and go have lunch with our friend Carolyn and her girls.  Plus we needed to rest up for the weekend.

Friday we both took a class in the afternoon. I did Felting Father Christmas.  Well, he’s a reasonable facsimile to Father Christmas. I have to do way more practicing before I give another felting class a go.

Father Christmas 9-5-2008 4-08-19 PM

Different this year they had the market open on Saturday till like 7pm.  We had plenty of time to shop and of course there were no crowds, so we got first crack at everything in the market.  I do have to tell you I was good and didn’t buy any fleece or wool at all this time around.  I did have to talk myself down when I would just get around beautiful fleeces.  I kept repeating to myself – “you have enough at home.  You don’t need anymore fleece.  You have to spin up the stuff you have and make beautiful things.”  I think I’m a raw fleece addict.  I see something beautiful and can’t control myself.  The hoarding instinct kicks in and I go -‘mine.’

Saturday we both took Victorian knitting.  I think that one should’ve been a half day class.  It did have a few good tips.  If you’re knitting an old Victorian lace pattern – especially one from Weldon’s or reprinted from Weldon’s a M1 is actually a YO.  Honestly though they could’ve fit that into a half-day and I would’ve been good.



Finally on Sunday we both took the Dimensional Knitting – Russian Style – with Galina Khmeleva – Skaska Designs, which was not only about the texture encorporated in Russian lace, but also included all sorts of woderful tibits about Russia and Russian knitting sytles.  Let me just say if you ever get a chance to take a class with Galina, by all means do it, don’t hesistate.  What a fabulous class.

Sadly her book Orenburg Lace is out of print.  Luckily I spotted one at the festival for Julie (I have one in my collection), it ended up being a first edition and Galina not only signed the book, but also took the time to hand corrected it.  Can you believe it?  How special is that.  Let me just say I have probably the last edition and there are still a few errors as we compared books when we got back to the house.  I’m waiting for her teaching schedule to come out next year as I would love to take her spinning Orenburg Lace class and really any other class she has to offer that I can get to.

Finally Monday, we spun, we knit and we dyed yarn… but I’ll save that one for another day as I’ve found a new medium to use that creates some very interesting yarn.  It received several raves tonight at S’nB.

Anyway, since this is Whiskers on Wednesday.  I thought I would give you a Faygo update.  His eye seems to be doing better.  The swelling is 100% gone, but it is still a bit runny.  I’ve been trying to get him with drops when he will let me.  Obviously since he’s feeling better that’s not too often now.    I try not to get him upset.  Even though he only has 3 teeth left, he knows how to use them.  🙂


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