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Ironing Into the Abyss

When I first tangled with my love of sewing, I bought a Rowenta. I loved the Rowenta, but like most irons it finally started leaking.  Out it went and in came a very nice, very reliable Black and Decker.  Now it’s not a bad iron, but it has that lovely auto-shut off in oh about not time whatsoever.  Anyway when your sewing and quilting it is really annoying to pop up to hit it with a tiny bit of heat and well… you have no heat.  You have to tilt it up and down and wait for it to heat back up.

Well… it started me lusting after one of those new fancy schmancy Oliso irons – of course the yellow one, well that and seeing it’s cool features on Fon’s and Porters show.  They had me at the feet thing.  The only problem… well you know the $$$ and hello it’s still just an iron.  I spent some time last week researching and reading the quilting board when several folks recommended a simple little iron from Sunbeam.  I picked one up at Walmart and gave it a spin this weekend.

_DSC4571 Yes… I do normally iron in the bathroom on the ironing pad.  I can keep the Helpers at bay…well sometimes anyway and I don’t have to worry about them jumping on an unstable ironing board.

It has a 30-minute turn off, which is the one feature I really wanted from the Oliso.  Ok – no fancy feet, but I haven’t actually had those yet.  It is light weight, but puts out a heck of a lot of heat.  It also heats up fast and doesn’t cool down right away.  Right now I can’t find too much to complain about it.  Even the light weight doesn’t bother me at this point.  For $17.86… I’ll give it a whirl before I shell out the big bucks.

As a side note… I’ve quit filling my irons with water.  I just use a spray bottle with water or Best Press now – love, love, love, the Best Press.

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