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It’s a Two-Bath Day…

Just when you think you’re safe… it’s time for a bath.  Miss Violet has belly fur that could rival any sheep.  I’m thinking of updating her lion cut, but first she needed a bath.  She was excellent in the bath.

Miss Violet gets a bath today

Lily on the other hand was not as cooperative, but she made it through.  Poor thing is always a mess having to have her face regularly washed.  She got a little whitening shampoo.  She’s self-soothing with a few Temptations now.

Miss Lily soothes herself with treats after her bath.

So there’s been all sorts of sewing, knitting and cleaning, but I’m sure after the Quilt Expo I’ll be ready to flood this blog with posts.

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    1. pip 06 September - 2012

      aww… look at those faces ^..^