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It’s Official

So last summer I decided to start a stitch ‘n bitch at a local Panera (sandwich shop), this group has really flourished, bringing folks from all over the area. We’ve made friends, have done a fair bit of both stitchin’ and bitchin’, and have generally had quite a bit of fun. It’s the Wednesday night thing to do and really keeps me sane. It’s a precious amount of time in my week and nothing and I mean nothing interferes with that block of time.

Well not quite a month ago (I hope it wasn’t that long) one of the core group members, Beverly – who is so talented and funny and could seriously use a blog, suggested that we make our club an official guild. Well, we got on it, did a little research, filled out a little paperwork and viola! – We are now an official TKGA knitting guild as well. We are a low key guild, but still hope to do lots of fun guild things as well. Yeah!

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    1. Julie 23 March - 2008

      I’m so glad you’ve got a regular group to knit with now.

    2. Eva 22 March - 2008

      Yay for y’all 🙂

      Cheers Eva