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It’s Only A Little Infection

It’s been quite a week this week. I swear everyone is on vacation this week from work, which meant a lot more hours for me. Then to top everything else off this week, my little pumpkin Faygo has come down with a kidney infection. No stones, thank goodness, but has to be on antibiotics. One good thing is his kidneys are working great and his high protein diet is helping his diabetes.

Faygo in Summer

He had to stay in the bathroom last night and we heard all sorts of meows and mews that he wanted out. This morning he had a shot and then a pill. Normally the pill would be an issue, but this morning he was like “give me the pill and turn me loose.” He seems much better.

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    1. Julie 04 August - 2007

      Faygo is such a sweetie, I hope he’s feeling better pronto!