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Today was a day of hooky around here.  DH has some vacation to use and I took the day off to join him.  We thought about heading out to the zoo, but it’s a long drive to any of the zoo’s in this area and with the weather shaky, we weren’t sure it would be worth it.  So instead we decided to do something in town.  We got to see Jane.


Jane is the bigger dinosaur, although small as she wasn’t full grown.  However, this little dinosaur, which would have been a meal to her, was fascinating to us.

Notice the 5 fingers.


We headed out to the Burpee Museum to see their seriously impressive dinosaur collection as well as their natural collection of animals in this area.  I have serious nightmares over these hawks.


They used to like to use my bird feeders as a buffet.  Since I got Coco, I’ve held off feeding the birds as she is just about the size of the rabbit’s and other small animals they hunt.  You can see more of our museum pictures here.

By the time we left the museum the weather had turned sunny and beautiful.  Since we still had a good portion of the day left to us, we then made our way to the apple orchard.  Each time we thought about going on a weekend, it was too warm or rainy.  Today was just perfect.  The best thing too, was we had the place practically to ourselves.  We stocked up on our apples and DH had never had a baked apple, so I got some cute little apple bakers.

Finally we stopped at the petting zoo, were we had our very own mascot to show us around.  She followed us everywhere.


They just know cat people when they see them, don’t they?

DH even got in the act feeding the goats.


The shawl made it out again, so I made DH take a better picture of me and as he said I was in my element.


Although he said the crazy look on my face was very funny.  Gee… thanks!  You can see more of our apple day here.

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    1. Julie 25 October - 2008

      Sounds like a fun day to me and he did a great job with the new shawl photos, I love those!