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Just a Few Things

So tomorrow I am off to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Fest. I have no list. I was thinking the Jennie the Potter will be there and I love her mugs, but other than that – no list. I’m sure something will strike my fancy, but I have to be good Rhinebeck is in what… 6 weeks!!! I’m pretty much all set to go. Just have to pack my wheel up and I’m off, but in the meantime. I’ve been finding some cute things out there and on Ravelry that I thought you might all find interesting.

First there’s a contest – Crazy Aunt Purl is having a knit your cat a sweater contest. It just so happens I knit what turned out to be a Fair Isle, well more Norwegian cat sweater for one of my kitties. I wonder why that one runs out of the room when I come in and he only wants to sit with my husband.

Secondly look at this Chicken Viking Hat. Too cute.

Also, there is going to be a Secret of the Stole KAL. I joined, but I think I may have bit off more than I can chew with that one… well see where I’m buzzing along at by the time it starts. Of course knitting the bee, makes me want to dive right back on Peacock. I’m big for back in the saddle when you fall off.

Finally I haven’t gotten the book yet, but if your a Cat Bhordi fan and looking for the stitch markers that go with it and don’t want to mess with diy, there are some super cute ones at this Etsy shop.

Oh and one more thing – seen these stretchy circulars yet?

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  • COMMENTS (3)

    1. Jena (the yarnharpy) 23 October - 2007

      I bought the shortest length of stretchy circulars and didn’t quite get the hang of ’em…

    2. Jackie 07 September - 2007

      Have a great time! Make sure you update us on all the cool stuff you learn in your class (or is it classes?).

    3. Maryellen 07 September - 2007

      I’m jealous you get to go to two festivals. Rats whine and all that small petty stuff.