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Knit, Rip, Repeat

I think I may have now been knitting for so long that sometimes I read directions and my brain translates them to how it thinks it should be.

Cake in progress

I’m knitting the Wedding Cake from Alan Dart.  Well, for some reason I looked at this and my brain said – hmmm…must be knit in the round, so I knit the top of the cake in the round.  I started knitting the base in the round and was happily knitting around when my brain said something isn’t right here.  I decided a good re-reading of the directions was in order and next thing you know – whoops… It’s supposed to be knit flat.  So I ripped out the base and am now re-knitting it.  I’m at the point I ripped -so all is good, but I decided to leave the top in the round and see if it works when I go to stuff.  If not, I’ll rip and re-knit.

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    1. Bubblesknits 31 May - 2010

      Don’t you hate it when that happens? I can’t wait to see the finished cake, though. His patterns are so detailed. 🙂