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Knitting Kryptonite Day 2

At least it actually fits.


I get down to probably 6 more garter stitch rows and have run completely out of yarn.

I’m thinking two options.  Order one more ball or rip it back and knit a nice contrasting band.  I’m taking suggestions please, but I’m thinking about just ordering one more ball.  It won’t be the same dyelot, but I’ve had good success with Knitpicks in this area.  I ran out of yarn at the neck-band on a sweater for DH and it matched perfectly.  In the meantime I have two full balls of another color so that I can knit another one.  What do you all think?

Also – I checked Ravelry and only one person has this particular dyelot and since their knitting a big sweater with it and have been working on it recently, I’m thinking they don’t want to give up their stash.

I’m totally going to get through this – at least the fit is right and that was the big battle.

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