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Knitting Returns

I’m totally on a shawl kick, which is good because I’m definitely itching to bring Peacock back into rotation. After classes this weekend for sure. Anyway I couldn’t stop myself. I also ordered Wing ‘o the Moth shawl too. It was Wendy’s version that did me in. I love the border.

In knitting news – yes, it hasn’t been all spin, spin, spin around here – I have made progress on Firebird. I’m halfway up the foot. Shadow is our model today. It was too hot for him to move. I wonder why I have cat hair on everything. (lol)


I’m also doing well on the confetti sock. We had 9 folks last night at the Wednesday night knitting group, so I was knitting fast and furious while talking. It seems that my knitting actually keeps up with my mouth moving. (lol)


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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. Pat 20 July - 2007

      Wing o’ the Moth is an spectacular shawl – I can’t wait to see what yarn you choose!

    2. Maryellen 19 July - 2007

      I think cat hair makes a bold fashion statement.