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Last Week

Last week was insane at Chez Purl.  First off I learned I can’t do acrobatics in the pool at the gym any more.  It’s a long story and one that reminds me my birthday is next week and no I won’t be turning 21 again.  The short of it is I pulled a muscle along my left leg and stomach and only now am just starting to feel better.

The second thing is our poor Shadow.  I know I’ve begged for kitty prayers from all of you before, but Shadow has taken a turn for the worse.  It appears his right kidney is deformed and twice the size.  The left one is also enlarged, but that may just be from taking over in which case it does become larger as it works to make up for the other one.  Friday we had a needle biopsy and it’s going to be a few days until we get the results.

The third thing was a happy one – I got my new 85mm 1.4 and these are some of the pictures when I stopped at Olbrect Gardens on my way home.  The ones of the tropical flowers were taken inside with the macro lens.  If you would like to see more you can on my Flickr page.

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  • COMMENTS (5)

    1. Bubblesknits 18 November - 2010

      Have you heard anything about Shadow yet? Keeping him in my thoughts.

    2. Jenn 15 November - 2010

      All the best to Shadow!

    3. melanie 15 November - 2010

      Oh, poor Shadow. I’m thinking good thoughts and sending gentle scritches.

    4. sprite 15 November - 2010

      Thinking the best thoughts for Shadow’s health…

    5. julie 15 November - 2010

      Wishing all the best for Shadow.