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Latvian Mittens

I have a friend at work from Latvia.  Right now she is my most favorite co-worker ever.  I brought in my Latvia and Estonia mitten books to show her and she was telling me about her upcoming visit from her parents. I asked if her Mom would be able to bring me a pair of mittens back from Latvia. She said she could. I offered to pay, but her Mom was so excited that someone was interested in Latvian knitting that she wouldn’t accept any money. If only she knew how many of us there are…(lol).

latvian mittens 10-5-2007 8-28-32 PM

Aren’t they gorgeous. I swear the stitches are just perfect. Some of the most perfect tension I’ve seen. I picture an older grandma lady knitting away on these. I’m feeling so lucky right now just to hold them. I won’t remind you of last years pathetic attempt at my knitting… but I was right before the first frogging. They are supposed to be a bit snug. It has to do with where the thumb placement is from what I can tell when I put them on. I’m ready to try again.

Here’s a close up of what the sticker’s said. latvian mittens 10-5-2007 8-28-40 PM

Plus they put this great tag on. Letting the world know exactly where Latvia is located

showing latvia on a map 10-5-2007 8-28-54 PM

and then on the other side where this pattern is from.

where the mittens are from 10-5-2007 8-29-02 PM

Just like the book. Too cool. These are from Krustpils.

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    1. Padma 13 December - 2010

      You know Tines is online. You can order from them directly and they have many beautiful mittens!

    2. Susan 07 October - 2007

      Those mittens are lovely! I’m quite envious. You do know that Lizbeth Upitis of Latvian Mittens fame lives in Lowell????

    3. roggey 06 October - 2007

      I’m making incredibly envious eyes at your post right now! You lucky, lucky thing! Enjoy them – they’re stunning.

    4. Eva 06 October - 2007

      gorgeous gorgeous!!! I like how the map even shows Lux hehehe 🙂

    5. Pat 06 October - 2007

      They are just beautiful – I guess Latvians would be very good at knitting Latvian mittens!!

    6. Donna 06 October - 2007

      They are *really* cool!