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Leopard Wood and Merino Silk

So one of the good things about being out at The Fold several days this past week, I got to browse all of the new goodies that are there.  I picked out a beautiful new Charis spindle in leopard wood.

close up of new leopard wood spindle 3-12-2009 5-41-24 PM

Of course you need lovely merino silk to spin on a beautiful new spindle.  It’s gorgeous and I’m hoping for some very lovely light fingering or lace weight.  I got 4 ounces – so maybe a light scarf or shoulderette.

Gorgeous merino_silk on my new spindle 3-15-2009 4-00-05 PM

I also picked up a new spindle bag made by The Bag Lady.  I liked this one because it had a zipper on the top and you could swing it around you.  I figure it’s just a little splurge.  We need it every now and again.

leopard wood spind details and bag 3-12-2009 5-42-51 PM

I started off on the wheel, but sometimes I love to spindle.  It’s simple.  You can pick it up and put it down.  I love the luxury wood and let me just say this one spun like a dream right off.  It’s a joy to spin.

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  • COMMENTS (3)

    1. Rissa 22 March - 2009

      That is a LOVELY spindle!

    2. Alexis 16 March - 2009

      I think i bought that same bag or something very similar New Years day 2008.

    3. cyndy 16 March - 2009