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I haven’t done a Whisker’s On Wednesday in a while, so I thought it was about time.

The sleeper.  Violet at 6 months.  The new chief pillow tester.

_DSC5557The Diva.  Got off her perch for this shot.  Loves the camera even with a big mounted flash.


_DSC5563The angel.  Hardy har har.  The other one’s I took have a mug shot quality – his true nature.

_DSC5568Chief biscuit maker.

_DSC5485 and bird watcher…

_DSC5560The sisters…

_DSC5549The sweetest little sis on the left…

_DSC5484The dignified older sis on the right….

_DSC5499HRH… At least she thinks so…


_DSC5510Yes. She couldn’t decide which shot she liked better.

And of course the Ancient…



The others were sleeping in spots unseen by the camera that day.  I’m thinking these were all shot with my big 85mm f1.4 lens.  Beautiful for portraits.

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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. Robin 25 November - 2011

      Gorgeous kitties, I am so jealous! :D)

    2. Julie 23 November - 2011

      It’s so nice to see some new kitty pics!