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Lily had sinus surgery on Monday.  Poor thing has such a small nose, we think she’s not getting much air through there.

Lily after sinus surgery

Hence she has no appetite and is just skinny as a rail.  There are a few stitches in blue at the top on each side.  She’s breathing good now and when the swelling goes down in a couple days, it should be even better.  We’re also hoping for better drainage and less runny face.

She’s on pain meds and getting some triple antibiotic ointment applied with a swab.  She should be feeling much better in a few days.  Stitches come out in two weeks.  I gave her the dose of pain meds today and she seems to already be feeling a bit better.

Lily after sinus surgery

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    1. Julie 07 March - 2012

      Hope you have a speedy recovery Miss Lily!