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Lily Eyes

So Lily is the Silver Shaded Persian, who thankfully is no longer pink.  Well, the girl’s eyes are a bit on the runny side and it’s really noticeable on her white fur.  I must have been wiping her eyes 3x a day a least.  No one liked that… and I found I didn’t even take too many photos of her because I was worried people would think I didn’t take good care of her and really nothing could be further from the truth.

Well, I found this product and bought a trial size for both her and Coco.  It’s called Eye Envy and let’s just say it works.  It worked like a charm on Lily and she’s looking fabulous!  Coco’s hair is a bit more stained, so no new staining, but it will take a few haircuts to get rid of all the stained fur.

Anyway here’s the before…


Here’s the after….

Huge difference all around the eyes and in the area around the nose, plus it lasted for a good 3 days before I felt the need to reapply.  You may not notice on these smaller size photos, but really it’s huge.  She wasn’t feeling very cooperative on second picture day.  Oh well… anyway, no affiliation, but just wanted to share a great project and we’ll be seeing more of Lily now on the blog.

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