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Limelight and Peacocks

Well I have two finishes to show.  I have been playing with the idea of how to photograph my quilts.  Clearly I need some props and nice weather and maybe a photo shoot outside, but since it’s cold, snowy, and I’m suffering from a cold.  I have to settle with my indoor shoot.  I also needed to use a shorter lens and whenever I shoot with this thing, it reminds me why I like fixed focal length lenses.  The photos are just never as crisp for me with a zoom lens.  Anyway all that complaining aside…here are two finishes.

This pattern is Limelight by Villa Rose design and I used Modern Squares as the quilting design in silver Glide thread.  This quilt is for my husband.  This is just a little lap quilt.

Limelight quilt Villa Rose Designsquilt for my husband with Modern Square and Silver Glide ThreadLimelight Back of quilt Villa Rose DesignThe second quilt is the Peacock quilt.  I can’t remember the pattern name, but it was another of those little pocket quilt patterns.  Quilted with Lovely digital quilt pattern in military gold thread by Gilde.

Peacock Quilt for my motherPeacock quilt for my motherPeacock quilt for my mother - Military gold thread Lovely quilt designquilt for my mother

This one needs a label before it leaves here to it’s final destination.  In case it goes walkabout, I want it to be able to find it’s owner.  So I’ve bought some Bubble Jet and a new ink jet printer and going to try printing some labels.

First though…a nap!  I’ve been hacking my brains out for the past two hours getting all sorts of ick out, but I’m so worn out.  I have another quilt on the frame, so after some rest, I’m hoping to quilt that one tonight, cut some labels and get the binding ready.  Also no spoilers…I have to watch the last episode of Downton Abbey.  We binged this weekend on House of Cards.  One crazy show and this season did not disappoint.



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    1. Julie 02 March - 2015

      Lovely quilts! I hope you feel better soon.