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Lucky Ducks!

Once again… the fabric gods have smiled on me.  Look what I won.  Thank you Jo and Andover Fabrics.

Jo Morton Bundles

Those are bundles of Jo Morton’s Alexandria and Sunday Best collection that I won from Jo’s blog.  I also got an awesome bag made from Alexandria fabric with Andover embroidered on it.  I trotted that out to the General Store this weekend for $5 club.

Metropolitan Fair

So a little stash also showed up last week as well… which was good because it was a hell of a week.  I picked up a few fats at a LQS in Madison while I waited for Coco… then this bundle of Metropolitian Fair showed up, which was on special at Craftsy and I love a good sale.

new stash

Finally there was a quilter who passed away recently around here and her friends were unloading her stash for $3 per pound or about $1 per yard.  I got there at the end, but I still managed to find some goodies.  I spent about $12.75.  Cool eh?  I could see some vintage bags.


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    1. Julie 22 October - 2012

      Nice stash enhancement!