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Making Lemonade

About a month ago my little gang came over for a dye day. Since we have a new spinner in the group (Hi Beverly!), I convinced her to dye wool. (We actually have a couple new spinners.)  Well, needless to say sometimes the studio is more like the mad scientists cave and accidents do happen. Categorizing under mishaps is my latest disaster – felted wool out of my dye pot. Whoops.

oops wool 3-23-2008 3-59-30 PM

This is the lemons – felted bit. I could barely pull bits apart.

Well at least it appears to be felted and I probably would’ve tossed it into the oops pile if Beverly didn’t say to me in passing, maybe you can put it on your carder?

So this weekend while I was fixing up another pot for her Slytherin colorway, I decided I would give it a go, what the heck – there is nothing to loose right. Well to my surprise lemons to lemonade… whohoo!

recarded wool 3-23-2008 4-18-50 PM

This is the new dye pot full and I did a hot pour method this time – so the colors strike quicker and are more distinct and vibrant.

new dyed wool 3-23-2008 4-11-32 PM

It’s still not quite dry in this picture, but will be soon.

dye silver and green roving 3-26-2008 8-30-37 AM

The specs on this fiber: This is a special blend of 75% Merino 25% mohair that I had specially made at Spinderellas, whom I can whole heartedly recommend as they have done a fabulous job on all my fleeces. I’ve sent them a few lemons over the last few years and they’ve made beautiful lemonade for me.

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  • Nice to be able to retrieve mistakes, huh? I’m really emailing as the site looks soooo pretty!

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    1. Julie 27 March - 2008

      Oooo, and may I saw how gorgeous this is in person! Thank you so much!

    2. Julie 26 March - 2008

      It definitely reminds me of something gardeny, nice save!

    3. helen 26 March - 2008

      Nice to be able to retrieve mistakes, huh? I’m really emailing as the site looks soooo pretty!