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MaryEllen’s Garden

Remember like a year and a half ago when I started this…

MaryEllen's Garden

Well.. the stitching is done.  Just have to make up the borders and get it quilted.  Hopefully, it won’t take another year.


And a big thanks to Pam Buda and Quiltmaker … I was one of the one’s who won her blog giveaway.  Got lots of lovely loot… I said Heart of the Prairie was my favorite pattern.  I hope to get to make it up soon.  Her new quilt along is starting up in June.  I pre-ordered the kit and can’t wait to get it with her new fabrics.

I also got the latest edition of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks (which isn’t pictured) and I really enjoyed it.  I have numbers 4-8 of Quilting Designs from Quiltmaker add-on for EQ7 and really like playing with them.  They just lay out quilting designs though and not the blocks, but just like EQ7 for designing a quilt, I find being able to play with quilting motifs on an actual quilt very handy for auditioning quilt designs on quilts.  I’m such a newbie to quilting that I find two things really hard and paralyzing my finishing right now (1) how to quilt it and (2) what color thread.  Sheesh… I’m just going to have to get in there.  I do have my vinyl overlays ready to play and I also have a few classes coming up, which will hopefully help these dilemmas.

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    1. karenlogcabinquilter 23 December - 2014

      The wool applique piece is beautiful.