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Meet the Browns

So we met the blues and now it’s the browns.

Possible browns for Danish Tie Shawl 4-29-2008 11-05-39 AM

I like this one and think it would be totally acceptable. It’s just a basic Romney.

Brown for shawl 4-29-2008 11-05-54 AM

I also did this Corriedale, but it’s so bumpy and lumpy.

brown for shawl 2 4-29-2008 11-06-03 AM

I carded it up, but it seems just to come off in blobs when I’m spinning. Although, I could see that it could possibly give some interesting texture next to the very smooth in the shawl. I know the dark color would give some needed depth and a spot to rest the eye.

I have found it’s hard to judge a yarn in skein form. Sometimes you only know by knitting a sample. Onto the sampling…

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