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For some reason these purples really spoke to me, when I was picking fabric for the next blocks in the $5 series – Rhapsody quilt.  The block is called Memory and again I made two alike, so I have 8 so far.

$5 Club - Rhapsody Blocs

Here are what they look like together.  It’s a little tough to visualize this all working out, but I think with very grey and black settings, it could work.

The 4 style of Rhapsody Quilt blocks so far

So I haven’t had an update on Madison.  Her official diagnosis was FLUTD.  The idiopathic variety, so due to stress.  We’re not sure what is stressing her out as nothing has changed in the house.  Anyway, it went away and came back with a vengeance.  So this week we found out about LiteCure laser treatments.  It’s FDA approved for both humans and pets and can speed healing by 80%.

When we found out about this treatment and how many things it helps with, I also came home and packed Max up and took him for a treatment as well.  They did a few x-rays on the little guy that came back clean, so it maybe a degenerative disc issue.

This is Madison just chilling and laying back after her treatment.

Madison after her treatment

The only thing is they both need multiple treatments, so I’m running back and forth to the vet every other day for awhile.  Not fun, but if it fixes Madison and alleviates pain for Max, I’m all about it for the next few weeks.

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    1. Julie 08 February - 2013

      It looks really cute so far. I especially like the purple ones.

      Hope Maddie and Max are feeling better pronto!