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Modern Building Blocks

Ever since I’ve seen this quilt I’ve been crazy over it. I decided to make it in Japanese Taupes and joined the BOM from Primitive Gatherings.  To stay on track, I’ve been sewing once a month with a group of friends, which has been a lot of fun for us all and a relaxing way to spend a Sunday.  Two of us are doing the Japanese Taupes and 2 are doing Reproduction fabrics.  Both sets are looking wonderful and I’m cruising right along, with only 2 more blocks this month to be all caught up.  I’m great at collecting  BOMs, but not always getting to them right away, so I’m delighted to be this far along.

Block 1 36.5" square unfinished.Block 2 of Modern Building Blocks. 36.5" square.These are blocks #1 and #2 which are 36.5″ unfinished.

Modern Building Blocks 30.5" unfinished.

This is block #3 which is 30.5″ unfinished.

More Modern Building Blocks. Japanese Taupe Fabric.Modern Building Blocks in Japanese Taupes

The rest are 12.5″ and 6.5″ unfinished.

Can’t wait till the next installment now.

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    1. Julie 16 March - 2015

      Those look wonderful!