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Mohair Fest with Saturday Sky

Today was the very lovely mohair festival.  This little festival just makes a nice day out.  There are two nearby yarn shops that just is icing on the cake.

Stash fun on the mohair festival tour 4-4-2009 6-18-43 PM

One of the lady’s always has a very hard to resist sock yarn selection and I found myself adding to the stash today.  What do they say?  Sock yarn don’t count.  (lol)  Of course I did walk away from some beautiful raw wool.  I had to have a conversation with myself that there would be plenty next month at the NH Sheep and Wool and that I really did need to work that stash down a bit more before then.  Really it’s like talking a jumper off the ledge. 🙂

Rockton Saturday Sky 4-4-2009 9-34-21 AM

It was a beautiful sunny day.  The wind was a little cool, but it was about 50-degrees and just perfect for getting my Philosopher Wool sweater out for a tour.

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