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More Blocks for the Civil War Celebration

Happy Valentine’s Day! After working for years at a flower shop, this day can come and go for me without notice.

This has been a busy week and a little frustrating too.  I’m slowly making progress on Farmer’s Market this week, but it’s not going nearly as fast as last month.  What was more frustrating was yesterday I searched for hours for a book, I do not own.  Argh!  What a waste of time.  I was so mad at myself.  Also, I’m running to the vet 3x this week for Max and Madison for their LiteCure treatments.  Madison is done tomorrow, but Max had to be moved to Saturday.  I nearly forgot their grooming appointment.

Max has 2 more sessions next week.  Plus I normally work part-time mornings only, but the only appointment I can get for the little guy is 11:30 am or I have to wait to late afternoon and that just puts a big crimp in my day.  So, I’m working 3 days next week and two of those days I have to leave early.

More Civil War Celebration

On a happy note… I did manage to get my Civil War Celebration blocks done over the weekend.


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