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More Farmer’s Market Progress

Well.. the outer border has been easier than I thought it would be… and I’m liking the yellow.

Farmer's Market

My next project is some pegboards for my new sewing room.  I’m going to use this tutorial I found on Apartment Therapy.  My Tracey’s Tables, which will be white, should be delivered by the end of November, so I’m ready to get the ball moving and get the pegboards in place, to hang up my rulers, spools of thread and other bits and bobs.  So the big questions is what color do I paint the pegboards?  I was thinking white, but the hubs said a nice red.  My chair is a deep red – it’s this Deluxe Sewing Chair by Horn in the picture.

Maybe turquoise or light blue would be nice.  That’s always a great combo with red.  I have this little thing for blue and red together, if you haven’t noticed.  I’ll have to look at the color wall and bring home some samples.   Maybe I should buy two and paint one red and one blue.  Not that the color really matters.  Once I get everything on them, I’ll probably never see a color or design.  Ha!

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