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More Mini Star Progress

Well… it’s been an interesting week around here.  First I somehow pinched a nerve and had two days of just recuperating.  I did get some good knitting time.  Then once I was back on my feet, I got the borders on Mini Star and ready for some applique.


The applique… wow… that took as long to prep as the whole quilt so far.




I cut plastic templates out to trace along the heat and bond light.  Well, I found that applying some little glue dots made the work a lot easier as they didn’t roam around while I was trying to trace them.


I did go to the class on Thursday and fused some of the applique on, but just practiced my blanket stitch.  My little travel machine does a nice one, but doesn’t allow for a lot of adjustment, so I just decided to practice more at home.




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    1. Julie 09 March - 2013

      Gorgeous so far!