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N is for Nails

Yesterday after puppy class I headed out to the spa.  DH got a gift certificate from Aveda with points, so I got to have a manicure, pedicure and massage.  I still haven’t come up with a N and really I’ve been a little preoccupied with the Coco and the menagerie around here to think about it closely.  I’m sure there’s lots of good N’s like – nature or even nothing.  Nothing is something, right?  Anyway after I had my nails painted with Elephantastic Pink – I thought – hey’s there’s a good N.  Not that it will last long.  My nails seem to shed paint in 24 hours.


Anyway Coco has started to go into her crate on her own when she get’s tired.  She rolls with it.  Time for play and time for sleep.  The big dogs played with her a bit today, but I had to put a cap on it when it seemed a little rough for her.  They forget she’s under 3 pounds. 


This guy was really getting into it.  Flinging his 12 pounds around like nothing.


Ignore the overgrown nature in the back.  I’m going with the natural look this year.

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