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Nearly Matching

I know… I took the weekend off from blogging. It was just plain busy. The nearly finished basement is just about finished. We put paint on and just a few more thing Monsieur Purl will do and the floor install should be done by Friday. Yipee!!! I’ll have all the pictures once it’s done and back to “normal” in one post, so as not to drag it all out.

We also headed out to the home depot where we found some seriously cheap overhead lighting and bought two which should flood lighting into my studio area. The one thing I hated about working down there is – not enough light! That shouldn’t be a problem now. I will really know if it’s red or pink that I’m dyeing before I get it out of the room. Yeah!!!

Speaking of red, if you weren’t aware as I wasn’t until just recently, the Red Scarf Project 2008 has been moved up and is in full swing. I missed out last year and was totally bummed. I’m in for this year. For a donation you can get your name into a drawing for some seriously cool prizes. I saw a coveted Starmore book over there that would seriously look nice in my library. 🙂 There were a ton of other great prizes too.

There has been knitting – here are the two sleeves side by side.

two sleeves for Butterfly 8-13-2007 10-55-49 AM

Nearly matching…. getting closer. I’m thinking by the weekend I’ll be casting on the Bee Fields Shawl. It’s really hard not too. It’s just so lovely, I keep looking at it fondly. Just the collar on this baby and then the sewing up. You’ll also be happy to know I finally mastered the spit-splice.

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