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New Techniques

So Julie and I took 5 classes at the WI Sheep and Wool this year.  Yes we are crazy and that is why we are now busy recuperating.  One of the classes was a Russian continental knitting class.  Technically this is an Eastern combined knitting technique.

Combined Knitting Dishcloth

I learned to knit English.  I have always knit English, but have yearned to go faster and easier on the wrists – of course.  I’ve ventured to two-handed knitting when doing Fair Isle, but for the most part I have reverted back to English.  This time I thought I would practice with a simple dishcloth that used a cable and some other common stitches.  Thanks to the Combo Ravelry group I was directed to a translation from Western to Eastern and this lovely dishcloth was an evening knit.  I think I’ll have to practice more to get it totally down, but it may be doable.

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    1. Julie 18 September - 2010

      I changed my mind yet again as to which pattern I want to use for practice. I have Knitting 24/7 from the library and love it, especially “Travel Shawl” which I think would be perfect for practice with that same handspun I had picked out.