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Operation Organization – My Quilting Room

So this past week I spent a little time organizing and cleaning up my sewing area. I got it in my head I really wanted a design wall, especially to work on my Farmer’s Wife, so I shopped around, but I nothing really suited my needs at a price i was willing to pay.  I decided to DIY it and opted for a simple curtain rod with tabs and a piece of Warm and Natural.  Works like a charm.  The only thing is I now want a smaller one to put next to my sewing area.

My desing wall

This whole set up cost under $35.  I managed to score some sales.  It’s also big enough to put a larger pieces on (see below) and if I get my act together I may be able to move the bookshelf to the other room.  Then I can extend the rod out.  Maybe another support piece up there – get some more hangers and hang even large quilts to get a decent photo of it.

My desing wall

The closet is behind this wall of batting and I also managed to clean it out and put most of my fabrics and things inside.  Leaving the rest of the area with some breathing room.  6 bags of things went to the Goodwill this week.

Semi-clean sewing room

I can turn my Gidget II table around when I need the back table for FMQ.  I may try that and put a little folding table to the side, since I seem to like that L-shape setup.

Semi-clean sewing room

Next up I want to organizing the basement, so I can re-organize my yarn/spinning room – hence moving the bookshelf. That one is really overflowing as well.


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    1. Julie 13 September - 2011

      It’s looking great! I wish I had a wall where I could do something similar.