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So this weekend, we made a trip home to Michigan to visit family. It was quite an event when we got stuck in a blizzard on Thursday and a normal 6 hour trip took 10 hours. The husband driving, me trying not to have a panic attack, two dogs, and two cats all in one loaded down car… oh that was a bad one. We over exerted ourselves getting there, so Friday was a fairly lazy day. Chrissy kitty got the best of it – using my Mom’s lap freely and as much as she wanted.


Saturday Mom went on to work, so we made a trip out to one of my very favorite shops – Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion. DSC02127 We went the long way and enjoyed the drive, although it seems like there is so much more traffic today. I know it’s just a figment of my imagination and my living in a less populated area now, but it just seemed like it took a long time. Do you see the sheep with the bunny ears? To cute.


Of course Heritage seems to be getting better and better each time I go. Joan really is bringing in great staple yarns like Jamieson, but she also has a lovely selection of incredible yarn and the best of all I think are my personal favorites the hand dyed – meaning shop dyed yarns that they create right there. They had some absolutely beautiful lace in quantity enough for a large shawl in some drop dead gorgeous colors. They also had some wonderful sock yarn. She also carries wheels and wool, again that they are dyeing in delightful colors and then an awesome selection of books and notions. They even had baggies of Quivet, yes I was sorely tempted.

I was commenting on how this is one of the nicest shops when the husband commented – yeah because it’s like our house – arranged differently, but like our house. Well, I get his point – it’s how I would dream of my exact shop. The best thing was that it was busy. Good – they will be around next time I’m in town.

While I was tempted I did behave very well and only bought a nostepinne which I needed to wind off a nice ball of my merino tencel roving that was spinning at my Mom’s. I think a need a small niddy noddy to pack in my to go spinning pack next.


As you can see, I’ve gotten handy with this spindle thing. I really was the reluctant spindler, but I got 2 ounces done in no time. One ball on the nostepinne and one back on the bobbin. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been drooling over Spin Off this month. Personally I think it’s one of the best issues they’ve had and I want to try their designer yarn technique. I could be partial as they featured my very favorite Cormo as their wool this quarter.

Anyway that’s probably quite enough for now – I’ll save part two till tomorrow.

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