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Out for a Tune-Up

Years ago…before the knitting, before the spinning, before the embroidery, before the weaving… I sewed.  The only thing I did was sew.  I took sewing classes from beginner to advance making a suit even shirts with matching plaids.  Then I moved onto pattern making even able to make a pattern with just a string and finally I had skirts that really fit correctly.


In the heyday of this sewing phase, I was gifted by my folks this Pfaff Varimatic 6091 and since the mid-90’s it’s been traveling around with me.  About 7 years ago I decided it needed a cleaning and tune-up and took it to a Pfaff dealer.  Well fast forward and in the spring I found the pressure foot was sticky.  I took the cover off with the light bulb and found the grease turned to glue.  Hmmm… well, it’s time for another cleaning, tune-up and a basic factory reset – so it’s flying off today to the Pfaff TN service center to be worked on by their trained professionals.  They said I should see it back in a month.  I guess they have a little backlog going.  I have a little sewing to do, so I’ll be anxiously waiting to get her back.

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    1. Bubblesknits 26 July - 2010

      I so wish I were a better seamstress. ::sigh:: I enjoy watching what other people make, though. 🙂

    2. julie 26 July - 2010

      It’ll certainly make sewing nicer to have the machine in tip top condition again.