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Paper Piecing

So this Fall I’ve taken 2 different paper piecing classes.  One was actually a foundation class in miniature and this is only about 12 inches square.  Each block is only 4.5″ unfinished.  It was set on point and I just have to put on borders to make it a square and finish it off.  I hope to get that done, done soon.  This was easy and totally fun.  I was up to 2AM the night of the class working on this and had most of the blocks done.  I would definitely do this method again if I didn’t mind leaving in the foundation paper as it’s a bit stiff.  I guess it becomes a bit less stiff with washing.

Mini size foundation paper piecing

Then the following week I took another class – paper piecing without the paper attached.  It was really cool.  My first one came out wonky b/c I wasn’t ironing it correctly to the freezer paper, but the next ones came out perfect and I got a lot faster.  I can’t wait to make more of these.  The best part is no paper to pick out when your done.  If your interested in this method you can find a tutorial here.

One corner - paper piecing


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  1. Julie 06 November - 2011

    Lovely work!