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Playing Catch-up

So I spent yesterday playing catch-up.  The 5-day weaving class with working and life in-between is quite intensive and definitely threw me off my game.  Plus right now poor Mike is working 7-days a week where last time it was just a regular long 5-day week.  I spent part of yesterday running errands like grocery shopping, picking up food from the vet and I stopped by Staples where I found the yummy Bagasse comp books on sale for $.70.  I think this is a once a year thing, so I stocked up on the fountain pen friendly books.  The paper is a smidge thin, but made with 80% sugar cane waste is not only eco-friendly, but just smooth as glass and doesn’t bleed fountain pen to the other side.  I had already stocked up on the regular Brazilian paper comp books from Wal-Mart, so I may be good for the next two years.  I really just can’t resist a $1.78 savings… Wow!

So, I wanted to catch you all up on my final project that came off the loom, plus some other fun pictures.

second woven scarf 8-2-2009 8-08-55 AM

It appears I had the loom tied up wrong on the first scarf and that is why I didn’t get such a pop on the pattern – it’s still nice – don’t get me wrong, just the pattern was a little different than planned.  With this one – I got it bang on.

close up of second woven scarf 8-2-2009 8-09-12 AM

From one way they look like squares and from the other they look like diamonds.




Here are some of my classmates weaving.  We really did have a nice class and have a good time.

Rita's projects 7-30-2009 1-45-21 PM

Rita's projects 2 7-30-2009 1-45-15 PM

These are some of the instructor Rita’s projects.  Look at this coverlet… gorgeous!

rita's project 7-30-2009 1-44-45 PM

She saw a picture in the Smithsonian magazine where Lincoln is sitting in front of a bed with this coverlet on.


She couldn’t find the pattern, so she recreated it from the picture.  This is seriously impressive.  She sent a letter to the Smithsonian and I hope they get back to her soon.  This really should be on display.

So I’m already plotting my next weaving projects.  I’m planning on doing the first scarf over with the correct tie ups and I’m itching to weave some thirsty dishtowels next.  I’m hoping to get my second scarf fringed and dyed this week after things settle down from catching-up.   Also just want to say a big  THANK YOU to both Rita our instructor who is just wonderful – if your interested in weaving Rita is a great teacher.  Also to Toni at The Fold for hosting this class.  Thanks for letting us take over your living area and putting up with us all padding around for 5 days.

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    1. julie 02 August - 2009

      That one is just lovely. I really like the diamond pattern.

    2. Bubblesknits 02 August - 2009

      Wow! Those are some gorgeous woven items! I agree, I hope the Smithsonian gets in touch with her.

      Love your scarves! You did a great job!