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Playing with Rulers…

I’ve been busy the last few days making samples and playing with all of the Handi Quilter rulers.  Rulers are so awesome to use for quilting and I love using rulers on my Sweet Sixteen.  Lately though, I have been loving my Pro-Stitcher on my Avante, so I decided to sit myself down and become comfortable with rulers on my Avante.

First I started off by drawing and then kinda went off the rails playing with everything.  I thought when I started quilting that quilting just happened.  I would just sit down and quilt.  Plans shams… I thought. Now I realize the humor of these sentences.  Well maybe some folks just quilt, but I’ve been finding the more I quilt, the more I have to plan and draw it out.

Ruler Quilt-2

Since this was just practice, I left any bobbles in that I may have picked out.  I’m not a perfect quilter unless I’m using my Pro-Stitcher… far from it… and that’s ok.  Let me let you in on a secret…unless a computer stitches it, no one is perfect and it’s like handwriting, style is specific to the person.  How I draw and quilt will be different than how you draw and quilt…that is ok too.

Play is an important, organic way to seeing quilting come to life.   See sometimes you can draw and draw, but really seeing it in thread and fabric is the true test if you will like it or not.  Play adds more tools to the tool box.  I know I love those grids and those can go on the good quilt.  I wouldn’t worry now to put those on something that I took a ton of time piecing.  I know more things after this practice and learning these things will give me a better quilting plan in the future. Next up playing with the record function on Pro-Stitcher and rulers.

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