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Poodle Feet

One thing I love about poodles is their cute little shaved feet.

Cute Poodle Feet

I keep Max in poodle mode year round, since really he’s a true house doggy it doesn’t matter too much.  Don’t get me wrong he enjoys the outside, but would much prefer being in the cool house.  It makes sense with that black fur.  Poodle mode to me means super large top knot and a matching poof on the tail, also the shaved feet.  It took a while to find a groomer here to poodle him up the way I like.  I did it for myself for a while and I wouldn’t have a problem touching them up or do in an between groom if I had to, but I love just picking him up nice and fluffy.

Here he is with his #1 fan – Sunshine.

Max and his fan club

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