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Poodles on Thursday

Since it’s dog’s on Thursday, I thought I would share my new favorite picture of Coco.

The happiest doggie in the world.  Coco  6-13-2009 3-30-10 PM

This picture embodies her totally.  She is this happy all the time and it’s wonderful.

They had their hair done on Saturday and we think the groomer loves to play with Max’s hair.  His top knot is really reaching for the sky now.


Also some very good news, Sophie seems to be feeling much, much better.  She has a lot more energy all of a sudden and has been be-bopping around her and not just laying on the sofa.  She’s eating much better, more alert and generally doing a whole lot better.

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    1. julie 18 June - 2009

      That’s awesome news for Sophie!