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Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle Journey 3

Well, it’s a busy, busy winter around here.  I’m also doing the Prairie Women’s Sewing circle and managed to complete the first project, which is these gorgeous stars.  This also needs a border.   I’m seeing a trend.

Notice I have a couple yellows in the corner.  Well those are make do’s and that is our lesson this journey.  Prairie women had to make do and couldn’t just run to the fabric store.  I’m forcing myself to make do.  It’s harder than I thought to put in a different fabric or color.

First project for the Women's Prairie

The long term project is English Paper Piecing and let’s just say this is really addictive.  I’ve got about 1/2 the paper pieces made and now I’ve started to make it up.

English Paper Piecing

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    1. Julie 28 February - 2012

      I really love the star quilt, probably my favorite so far! The hexies are great too. That one really does look long term.