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Sometimes progress isn’t always forward.  I found this out first hand yesterday when I decided, with some hesitation, to frog the Danish Tie Shawl.  It was seriously close to completion, but I was unhappy with how tightly I knitted it and felt I needed to up a few needle sizes.  I just kept thinking if I don’t like it, I won’t wear it – so it’s worth the re-knit.  Ah… maybe I’ll start back on that tonight.

Some progress that has gone forward are my Baudelaire socks.  I decided to knit the heel as written and really like how the gusset has turned out so far.

I’ve also finished my red scarf, and my three scarves for charity.  Finally I blocked my Bee Fields shawl.  Yes – totally done picture to follow and I also finished spinning the yarn some of the yarn I got at the Midwest Fiber Festival.  I’m going to knit these into a thick sock for spinning in the winter, when my feet get cold.

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    1. MJ 12 August - 2008

      Great handspun! Those colors are the perfect antidote for grey winters.

    2. Julie 12 August - 2008

      Oo the Baudelaire are looking amazing. I love that color. I think I’m having a pink phase atm.