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Proof that I don’t just watch TV anymore. Although the words I remember saying tonight were – “get out of my way Big Love is on.” While watching on of my favorite shows I manage to get to 13.5 inches… the back is well on it’s way.


Also if you didn’t catch it… Mr. Purl had to put his 2-cents in. When I’ve asked if he would like to be a guest blogger he always declines, but then will leave me a post in the comments. If anything he is awfully funny sometimes and I have to watch I don’t wet myself in public. He has one of those dry – catch you off guard sense of humors. I do have to concur… I did agree to buying and I have to confess pressed the trigger button myself because (a) I’m spared “the football” and (b) this is in my sitting/knitting/crafting/viewing area… so mostly for my joy anyway. Although I think everyone is in agreement that he at least came up with the idea.

~ Madame Purl

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    1. Rissa 13 June - 2007

      My husband reads my blog too, only he never leaves any comments. 😀